my true love

my true love

Hello uniques.

In my previous post I talked about being adventurous I.e learning and experiencing new things. And one of the way I plan to be adventurous is being adventurous in serving God,by not hiding my love for God,telling and showing the world how much I love and appreciate what Christ did for me.
I don’t want to be that girl that has to wait for others to stand up and praise God before I do. I plan to be spontaneous in serving God,be the first to be recognised with Jesus Christ.
I will let the love of God constrain and control me.
Due to recent experience I have found out that the people that hurts you the most are those that swore they love you and would never hurt you, but its a different kind of love with God,cause God’s love is perfect and never fails nor let you down. The love of Christ is powerful and never ends.
To know God is to love Him,and to love Him is to serve Him.
Hurray! Its my month of strengthening. So I plan to strengthen- my resolve to do that which is right, my prayer life, relationships and all that concerns me.
Thanks for stopping by.
Ciao till my next post.


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