print on print- UTD pleated printed skirt

print on print- UTD pleated printed skirt

Hello unique’s
Today look is all about being adventurous,In my adventurous spirit I decided to wear print on print,this is something I wouldn’t have done before,I would rather have worn this printed skirt with a plain blouse, but I wanted to try something different by wearing a printed blouse on a printed skirt and I think its turned out pretty good. Or what do you think?
Note:- one of the rule of wearing print on print is that the colour of the top should compliment that of the bottom,if u notice I carried a transparent bag,so as not to disconnect the relationship between the blouse and the skirt.
Disclaimer:- I’m no expert,but I’m a very good observant.
The skirt was made by me,its one of my “unique trail design” collection. The material is so eye catching and immediately I made the skirt, like six possible way to style it came to mind. The skirt is so versatile.
So this is another way I plan to be adventurous, with my styling,also notice I wore a red top inside the printed blouse for more fun and creative look.
Thanks you all for dropping by.
Till my next post. Ciao
Thank you Harrison for this pic


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