Transition piece

Transition piece

Hello unique.
Its being weeks,I miss this. I was having some data problem with my service provider and after some time we came to an agreement am still not sure I want to take,so I decided to change my service provider for better options,#fingerscross. Bloging with phone is way harder than I thought,I can’t do a lot of things like, up loading as many pictures as I want,drafing and saving,designing my blog layouts and so on.
This got me thinking that I need to start saving for a laptop,hopefully before the year’s end I would have one.
My look for the day is my own rendition of classy casual,I so much love loose fitting clothing because its so fun to wear from morning till night without feeling taut.
This pant is my new favourite because its loose and printed and can be dress down or up,I decided to dress it down with a simple plain white tank top,this pant is also part of my UTD collection.
When i saw different pictures of this kind of pant online I knew immediately that I had to make one for myself ,Its my first time to make pant and I love how its turned out.
I decided to brighten my look with this lace backpack I made, I love this bag so much that I plan to incorporate it in most of my look,I choose a red colour fabric to make this bag because red is my best colour,its so eye catching.
I have decided to add accessories to my line of designs,bags,clutch,necklace etc, But I’m still in the drawing process,can’t wait for the fun part,which is bringing the design to life.
Outfit’s Details
UTD- lazy pant
UTD- lace backpack
For quick answers to questions,you can reach me through my email address “
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Thanks for dropping by.
Till my next post ciao. Enjoy your weekend


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