hey stranger!

hey stranger!

Hello unique
Have you ever had challenge meeting or getting to know strangers that become friends? These has been my challenge for years now,I have known the friends I have now for years without adding or trying to have new one’s,this is mainly because I’m always on guard and cynical when somebody walks up to me for a conversation and for my phone number,my reply is always “you are a stranger and I can’t give you my number” lol.
In my adventurous spirit I believe there’s a tin line between being a stranger and a friend,I realised the friends I had now were once upon a time strangers to me,these means I should be ready and open minded to know and make new friends.
Recently I have been working on myself on being more open minded by giving people a chance to know me even as I know them,but in my own terms.
Interestingly the result has been surprisingly fun,I made wonderful friends. In my adventurous mind I will say calling someone a stranger is overrated.
The key to friendship is communication,without communication you can be with someone for years and still be strangers to each other,but I found out through communication you can meet somebody today and relate with the person so well as if you have known each other for years. Without communication people can go from being friends to strangers,hmmm! Weird right? Exactly what I thought too.
Oops got to go, when I start thinking I can go on and on. I have a few errants to run,hopefully I meet interesting strangers waiting to be friends lol. This is a quick put together outfit I’m wearing out today,
this short circle skirt (also know as peplum skirt) is my easiest styling piece,its one of my overused item,its very versatile,this peplum skirt is detachable and can also be worn with a bodycon dress.
Outfit detail
UTD- peplum skirt (or belt)
Thanks for dropping by
Till my next post. Ciao


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