sheer up

sheer up

Hello unique
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend,cause I sure did,mine was eventful. A good and wonderful friend of mine got married last weekend and I have never seen a well put together couple like them before,from their dancing to the way they enjoy each other’s company,just shows love is very real and friendship in marriage is best.
I’m still hangover over the wedding,and I have never seen a more happier and sweet bride. Happy married life prisca and thanks for giving me such honour to be among your bridal train(my first ever)lol.
Now for my look today I decided to experiment on layering,being on a tropical country like mine,the trick is layering on light pieces like this my very own black sheer cover-up.
This sheer cover-up is so inspiring that I have use it to style so many outfits and
For a budgeting fashionista like me, making the most out of my clothes is a pretty big priority. Wearing an item just once or in just one way is not an option. That’s why I absolutely love when I make a piece that seamlessly transition from casual wear to date night wear!
The first look happens to be my own rendition of the preppy look,(light layering)I’m wearing about four piece of clothes here,the legging,yellow badeau,UTD- black sheer cover-up and the plait shirt to add fun and colour to my look.
The second outfit is my way of looking decent and sexy at the same time,since the evening outing is in church I use the sheer cover-up again to make this look classy,I also put the belt strategically to show off my curves (wink!)Lol
This is the simple secret of layering in a hot environment,you don’t really have to stay in a cold country to layer-up.

Outfit’s details
UTD- sheer cover-up

PS: I have not being updating as often as I would have love to because am working on a new domain that will be able to upload more pictures. I’m so excited for it already.
Thanks for dropping by.
Till my next post ciao!


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