Spolight on

Hello unique.

I decided to wear this lovely varsity jacket I made myself, on a day that I had many errands to run with my besty, because I wanted to show it off, who wouldn’t?  And what better way to show off this unique piece other than wearing an all white piece ( just like an artist needs a canvas to showcase art). And the spotlight  was on this jacket because of my all white ensemble.


It was very sunny that day, but it didn’t matter because I made the jacket from a light material, and the print is so eye catching, if you look closely you will see that I combined two different print together, the print on the sleeve is quite different from the one on the body, but I made sure the two print share a common colour (yellow).


Trust me this print can even make a gloomy day turn bright and sunny, lol.


With running aroud from one place to another comes hunger,so we stopped for lunch, But i decided not to upload the pic were i was actually eating hehe.


So I”m able to upload more pictures now because am using a laptop,its so refreshing. The next thing on my list now is a good camera for clearer and sharp pictures, fun backdrop and a willing photographer.  

Thanks for dropping by,till my next post.


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